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I'm a German-Italian ecologist and lecturer with a PhD on forest restoration from the University of Oxford.

My goal is to create restoration interventions backed by the best possible science and to inspire students and practitioners to get involved with meaningful ecological restoration.

As a triathlete, and former German national team rower I am exceptionally energetic, efficient and hard working and bring these virtues to the academic and professional world.


Geography & the Environment,
University of Oxford


Biodiversity, Conservation & Management, 
University of Oxford


Ecology & Environmental Planning, 
TU Berlin

Doctoral degree as part of the Ecosystems Lab and Disturbance ecology Lab. Research on tropical mountain restoration and satellite techniques and social methods for restoration.

PhD thesis 'Revisiting the science and practice of ecosystem restoration in tropical mountains'

Two-year international research master spanning knowledge of biodiversity science, conservation governance & technologies to global change and ecosystem science.



Master thesis 'Conservation and functional ecology of mountain ecosystems in South America'

Four-year bachelor degree focused on environmental science and conservation in Germany. Specialisation on climatology, meteorology, modelling and plant sciences.

Bachelor thesis 'How do urban grasslands respond to the urban heat island?'

Scholarships & awards

  • Rhodes Scholarship 

  • Twofold award of Sir Peter Elworthy Grant for environmental research

  • Deutschlandstipendium

  • Sporthilfe Deutsche Bank Stipendium

Research projects

Restoration of high altitude forests in the Peruvian Andes

Socio-ecological research on the barriers and success factors for restoration of mountain forests in the High Andes. For this research I work with multiple NGOs, government actors and communities and use interviews to elucidate on how to best restore these threatened ecosystems.

Image by Kiyoshi

Practical skills

Applied ecology

Ecological modelling


  • Restoration ecology

  • Restoration project design: planning, implementation, monitoring

  • Vegetation cartography

  • Biodiversity assessments

  • Hydrological and climatological measurements

  • Carbon cycle measurements

  • Functional trait assessments

  • Remote sensing theory & applications

  • Satellite data analysis in R, ArcGIS, QGIS and Google Earth Engine

  • Statistical modelling in R Studio

  • Geoinformation Systems (ArcGIS, QGIS) for environmental planning

  • Knowledge of  landscape planning and international environmental impact assessment procedures


  • Fluent in German, Italian, English and French and Spanish

Professional experience





  • Lecturer in Conservation Biogeography University of Oxford


  • Teaching assistant on Master in Biodiversity, Conservation & Management


  • Teaching of various geography field courses

  • Teaching of online seminars on remote sensing and GIS


  • Restoration science advisor for RainforestBuilder Ltd

  • Biodiversity consultant for Nature Based Insights


  • Scholar program facilitator for the Rhodes trust


  • Editor for Restoration Ecology

  • Reviewer for Restoration Ecology, Philosophical Transactions, Forests

Collaborators and partners
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